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The All-Party Parliamentary Group on AIDS is a backbench cross-Party Group of MPs and Peers in the UK Parliament at Westminster.

MPs and Peers who have joined the Group have done so because we are concerned about both the devastation that HIV/AIDS is causing in developing countries and as an issue here in the UK that affects our constituents.

We believe that HIV/AIDS is one of the most serious threats facing the world at the beginning of the 21st century and it is vital that parliamentarians, in industrialised as well as developing countries, play our part in addressing the epidemic. In particular we have an important role in ensuring that laws and policies are respectful of human rights and promote public health.

On this website, you can read reports published by the Group, see examples of where we have raised issues about HIV/AIDS in Parliament and find out how to stay in touch with our work.

We value very highly the advice, guidance and support that we get from people with HIV, NGOs and professionals outside Parliament. We hope that this website not only increases the information people can obtain about the Group, it also increases the dialogue between politicians and the people who are coping with the realities of this terrible virus.


The photographs above show the current Officers of the Group

(left to right) David Borrow MP, Francis Maude MP, Sandra Gidley MP, Baroness Masham, Lord Fowler, Baroness Northover, Jeremy Hunt MP, Evan Harris MP, and Neil Gerrard MP.


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