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Some occasions when HIV/AIDS has been the subject of debate, oral questions, Early Day Motions, or Select Committee Reports in the UK Parliament are listed below.

This is not an exclusive list, and contains references to occasions when HIV/AIDS has been the main subject of the debate, question, EDM or report. For debates from earlier years search the Parliament website.

In addition to the above, HIV is frequently mentioned in Parliament in debates on, for example, Africa or sexual health, even though the debate deals with a broad range of issues.

There are also often written questions to Ministers, especially in the Department of Health or the Department for International Development. The APPG publishes a list of questions with their answers at the end of the parliamentary year. You can find the latest full year of written written questions asked by the Lords and written questions asked in the Commons here.

The APPG does keep a running record of such written questions throughout the year and you can email to request a copy.

If you wish to look in more detail visit the Parliament website which contains records of all House of Commons and House of Lords business, including Committees. It also has information about how Parliament works. You can carry out your own detailed searches by going directly to the Search page on the Parliament website.


For the most up-to-date information on Bill before Government go to the Bill Page on the Parliament website. The links below will highlight the Bills which the APPG has taken most interest in.

Parliamentary Session 2008/9     


In some of the debates below HIV/AIDS features as part of a longer debate. The links will usually take you to the beginning of the whole debate and you may wish to use the search function to look for 'HIV' on your computer to find the relevant part.

Female Mortality (Africa) Westminster Hall debate 11th Nov 2009
NHS Access (foreign nationals) Government Statement 20th July 2009
Archer Inquiry House of Commons Debate 1st July 2009
Olympic Games 2012 (sexual health section) House of Lords Debate 18th June 2009
Lord Archer's report: Contaminated Blood Products Government statement, Commons 20th May 2009
HIV and the G8 Petition, Commons 18th May 2009
Schools Health Support Bill Private Member's Bill Commons 8th May 2009
Children and HIV/AIDS (Developing Countries) House of Commons Debate 7th May 2009
Contaminated Blood Products House of Lords 23rd April 2009
Sexual Health (Middlesbrough) House of Commons Debate 22nd April 2009
Africa House of Commons Debate 30th March 2009
NHS Resources House of Commons Debate 18th March 2009
Violence Against Women and Children House of Lords Debate 5th February 2009
International Aid Transparency House of Commons Debate 13th Nov 2008

Millennium Development Goals

House of Lords Debate 7th October 2008
Health and Social Care Bill House of Commons Debate 15th July 2008
Prime Ministerís statement on G8 Summit House of Commons Debate 10th July 2008
G8 Summit House of Lords Debate 10th July 2008
HIV/AIDS House of Lords Debate 3rd April 2008
The UK and the Commonwealth House of Commons Debate 20th March 2008
Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill House of Lords Debate 27th February 2008
Treaty of Lisbon and International Development House of Commons Debate 25th February 2008
Foreign Office Statement on Kenya House of Commons Debate 17th January 2008
Preventative Health Services House of Commons Topical Debate 10th January 2008
Debate Archive: 2005- 2007 Various 2005-2007






These files are in PDF format. To read PDF files you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the reader it can be downloaded free, from the Adobe site.  

To find the reports, go to the Parliament website, follow click the link to Committees, and choose the appropriate Select Committee section, or where report names are in blue below, simply click on the link.

Progress on the Implementation of DFID's HIV/AIDS Strategy International Development December 2009
HIV/AIDS: DFID's New Strategy International Development November 2008
HIV/AIDS and Marginalised Groups International Development Dec 2006
New Developments in Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Policy (Government response) Health July 2005
New Developments in Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Policy Health March 2005
Sexual Health Health May 2003




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